​I deliver personal development workshops for various audiences of people. I generally combine classical coaching exercises with creative games.

Examples of themes covered:


    -Self-awareness through play

    -Know yourself before your next job

    -Build a meaningful life in Groningen

    -Finding your strengths


If you want to bring a Travel Into You workshop to your group, organization, or city, please contact me by email infotravelintoyou@gmail.com or by filling the contact form in the website. It would be great to discuss how we can personalize a workshop according to your needs and goals, and make it happen!

I have had the pleasure of taking my workshops to places and events such as:

City Central

GSMS (Graduate School of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen)

Gopher (Groningen Organisation for PhD Education and Recreation)

PhD Day Groningen

ENABLE (European Academy for Biomedical Science) Network

Having worked as a scientific researcher for many years, many of my clients come from the academic world. I often wondered how life and career transition points for academics could happen in a more fluid and supported way, if we just had more life tools. So now I am bringing that contribution there too.