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Coaching Sessions

I do personal sessions in Groningen (in a coaching room at the city center or walking sessions in the city/nature), and online to other locations.


From these sessions, you can expect deep yet light and fun conversations, where you are listened to, seen, and a member of a partnership that works for your goals. My job is to ask you questions and propose activities, and the ideas and insights will be all yours, you have all the work :) 

My activities are based in collaborative coaching, and I love to use visual tools to bring some extra creativity to our sessions.

Some of the benefits you can expect from this work are:

-knowing more clearly the way you want to go in life;

-improving a chosen area of life;

-increasing self-awareness + awareness of others = better relationships;

-increasing ability to handle change.

​The value of a coaching process doesn't stop after the coaching sessions or workshops. It has an impact in present and  future decision-making, life balance, family life, resilience, personal responsibility and other life skills.

If you want to know more about this work, pricing, and check whether we can make a good team, you can reach me by email to: .

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