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Includes: box + 26 cards + instructions (89×146mm)

Price: €24.5 + 21%BTW =  €29.60

(+shipping costs)

"Reflection cards" is the first Travel Into You product, and it was designed to help you increasing your self-awareness, using moments of pause and introspection.


It combines the power of images with deep questions, making a magic combination that can be helpful for personal development purposes, at an individual level or in group work.

It is a tool for various applications: for coaching work, to use as icebreakers for workshops, sessions, or education environments, for having fun in a small group of friends, or to use on your own, challenging you to bring to light information and insights that otherwise tend to remain unnoticed.


These cards were created to be pleasant enhancers of our inner journeys. Enjoy!

Currently this product is only available for sale via direct contact with me (Ana Ferreira, email:

When we travel into ourselves, we find our inner compass that guides us, step by step, through our unique path of life.

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